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Monday, May 31, 2010

Pain and Progress

For the last two or three nights I have woken in the night with pain in my legs - usually my right leg in particular - that did not want to calm. My calf was stiff and there was a pain saturating the calf, usually involving part of the foot and the knee as well. I have been unable to stretch it into submission so I stumble out of bed and try to walk it out a bit until it calms down. One of the nights I took a hot shower.

I think these were nights after days when I have walked and used my legs more than usual. In the long run I am not experiencing any damage from these experiences but it's uncomfortable while it lasts.

Yesterday I went to the gym and swam ten laps - 500 yards. It isn't much but it's more than two! My left arm is far from having its full range of motion but I did not feel any pain in it during the swim. My swimming is awkward but possible. Today I swam four more laps after Aqua class and felt good about that. I call this progress and I'm hanging onto it to keep myself motivated. I do feel tired after class and I don't always feel looser or without pain but later I do seem to move better. It's hard to see and feel progress. I see it in my swimming, though, in being able to swim at all.

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