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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Aqua Aqua with Barb

Overheard in the Aqua class this morning:

"A good horseback ride is a good horseback ride. You don't have to marry the guy!"

It is tidbits like this that make the class really enjoyable, and in the case of today's class, also the spontaneous singing along of one of the class members, to some western songs. She was hilarious and the teacher, Barb, joined in and seemed to enjoy it as fully as the rest of us.

Otherwise, I felt Barb was a bit too much one-note in the cardio area, doing way too many jumping jacks and little else. It was funny to watch her, though, as she raced from one end of the class to the other (on the deck), calling on us to "face me!" so we had to turn around and do more jacks in opposite directions again and again and she got a hell of a workout just running back and forth and then demonstrating the jacks. Once we got into the weights I was happy enough, but I worked my way to an area where I could put my feet on the bottom of the pool (I had been hanging in the deep end for cardio) so I could manage the moves better. It takes a little more control to do these things without the stability of feet on the ground.

I still feel rather like death warmed over in my head but my body feels more loosened up and in less pain. This is a good thing.

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