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Monday, May 3, 2010

Arthritis Foundation Agrees with Me

The Arthritis Foundation (AF) is celebrating Arthritis Month in May, and is kicking it off with a campaign called "Moving is the Best Medicine". Well, I have to agree! I can't say I have cured all my ills in the short time I have been back working on the bod more seriously but I do know I am better off moving than not moving.

An advertising company representing the Arthritis Foundation asked me to write about the AF campaign and let others know of some of the components of it. In return, they offered me a basket of goodies, which I will describe below, along with a way YOU can win something from that basket! (I don't feel right grabbing it all myself.)

Figth Arthritis Pain

I am happy to write about this because it is something I believe in. I hope, through my experiences described here, that I will be joining others who do this too and will offer some tips here and there that might benefit others as well.

Here are the basics of the "Moving is the Best Medicine" campaign:
  • Light exercise and staying active can help reduce the risk and pains associated with osteoarthritis.
  • It’s easy (and fun!) to incorporate more movement into your life – watch the entertaining campaign PSAs here:
  • And throughout the month of May (National Arthritis Month), there will be over 100 Arthritis Walks held nationwide to help raise awareness and funds to help improve the lives of those that live with arthritis. For more info visit:
So that's a clear message. And here's the fun part:

If you leave a comment below, related to this post - tell us what kinds of exercise work for you or how you feel about the Arthritis Foundation or how much you love this blog...anything related to this post - you will be entered into a drawing for one or more of the following gifts:

  • A copy of Walk With Ease
  • A DVD of Tai Chi For Arthritis
  • A set of light dumbbells
  • A coupon for Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner
  • Pilot Dr. Grip Pen
  • Hefty 1 zip storage bag coupons
  • Cardinal EasyOpen Binders.

All of which are gifts from the Arthritis Foundation. Note: it appears that the Arthritis Foundation's website does not include any advertising, but its cohort Arthritis Today does, and it includes advertising for drugs. Use common sense in following any advice on the use of medications.

I'll need to know how to reach you to get your address if you win. You can include your email address with your comment or, if you don't wish to do so, just send it to me at judith (at) judithlautner (dot) net.

You can include in your comments what gift(s) you'd like if you win and we'll try to get that one to you if it hasn't already been taken. Another disclosure: I really want to try out the Tai Chi DVD before I send it on to somebody else, so it will be slightly used and slightly delayed.

We will hold the drawing for the winners at the end of the month.


Maryann said...

Judy is an inspiration to me. Although she rarely mentions the pain she experiences in a variety of joints which are crucial to day to day activity, I can tell when its not such a great day. Judy is a medical investigator. She reads everything she can get her hands on, and has the intelligence to take it all in as though professional, not stopping at the first book or study, but going on to a full spectrum of similar supporting bodies of work. I have had meniscus surgeries on both knees, spinal fusion L4-5, carpal tunnel surgeries x2, and am again experiencing pain in both knees (I guess too many years have passed since the knee surgeries). The reason I mention all this is that to observe Judy, and how she deals with her arthritis, in a determined, proactive manner, instead of just going out and purchasing a pricey recliner and watching days of our lives or expecting something in a bottle to miraculously cure her aches and pains, tends to keep me trying even when my bones tell me otherwise. I would always rather be able to grab my own steering wheel and do something about it already instead of expecting that someone else will step up and fix it. Even if I find medical care with my best interest in mind, I always want to maintain my partnership in care. To do otherwise is to be a fool. I finish the same way I started. You are truly an inspiration Judy. . .keep studying and strengthening your body and never step to the sidelines. I will take that walk with you. . .even if I am pigheaded at times (!) P.S. If you were serious about wanting to know about excitement level for gifts mentioned, I don't have any weights (I think those were mentioned). . .and have never seen an easy open binder. . .was a pen mentioned? I'm easy to please. Just keep the information coming! Oh, one more thing, I personally am finding that being back in the water is fantastic, and does not have painful after effects. I have been swimming 2 miles a day, and doing some water aerobics. No problem with my joints. Land aerobics causes both knees to give me tremendous pain. Get in there and experiment and trust yourself to stop if something hurts too much. . .but don't stop altogether at that time. . .find something else that feels better! ---young fogie at 60

Anonymous said...

I agree, going to the gym or staying active is key to getting stronger. Knowledge is power!!!

Judith said...

I agree, Anonymous. Too bad I don't have any info on who you are, so you are not in the running for a prize.

Anonymous said...

I love to ride my stationary bike while watching my fav shows. I also love water, swimming, anything water. I try to do a modified yoga for arthritis, and I meditate witch has helped with some of the pain.
BJ Pontalion