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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

some light? or not

I went to Las Vegas for an extended vacation with my daughters. During that whole time my right hip in particular was in pain, making it difficult to do any amount of walking. Sometimes I had little windows when the pain receded but it came back soon after. The weather in Las Vegas was cold and moist. I wondered if there were a connection.

I have simply dug in and let it be. I figure I will come out of this part too, as I have from extreme pain in my calf and knees. I have no proof of it but I am assuming this hip pain is making its mark and then, after several months, it will back off and not be so bad most of the time.

Yesterday I noticed I was much more able to move than I had been for some time. No right hip pain and in general I wasn't as stiff. I do not think I can attribute this to my three days of using My Fitness Coach on my new wii - those were fifteen minute sessions, very light - but hey, they didn't hurt either. The weather here has been cold and moist, so there again I have to assume there isn't much connection.

I also fell off the program with my glucosamine in Las Vegas, constantly forgetting to take it. I am back on track with that. Maybe it's a combination of moving my body, however lightly, and using glucosamine. I am hopeful.

I record these thoughts because I record changes. I do not look for anyone to suggest that I look into acai or chontroitin or chelated metals or anything else. As noted in the purpose statement for this blog, I look to exercise, some supplements, and diet to help me, and particularly I like the approach described in Arthritis Rx (see link at right). Thus I note changes, I note whether I am following or not following the program, and I try to perceive connections.

Edit: it's a bit later and suddenly I am hit with sharp pain in my right hip again...the respite is over.