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Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Day Off?

Yesterday I didn't do any exercise.  Instead, I went to a bookcrossing meeting, offered some books, took some books, then went to a fellow bookcrosser's home to grab a bunch more books (she's moving and has to cull). In that process I stayed standing quite a bit of the time, as I chose books and moved them from place to place. I mention this as a possible reason I was uncomfortable last night, in bed, restless, unable to get my legs comfortable.

I finally got up and took a hot shower. I sat under the very hot water for a while, until I felt relaxed. After I got back into bed, sleep came more easily.

Last night, too, though, I went to a concert. I sat in a concert seat for about two hours without getting up. My legs weren't uncomfortable at the time but perhaps that contributed.

This morning I woke feeling sluggish, uninterested in exercise. Nevertheless, I put on exercise togs and I will be off to do my usual routine soon. Yesterday I thought I might try an "Active" class too but right now I don't think so. I just feel tired and that's that. Not to mention my legs just hurt.

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