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Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday, when I left home, my legs hurt, my back hurt, and I just generally felt lousy. I figured I'd really be a basket case by the time I hit Palm Springs. I stopped a couple of times on the way to get my legs working and get snacks but I did the last hundred miles, about, without stopping. And I wasn't worse when I arrived. A bit stiff but not even as much in pain as when I left home.

I did take some tylenol arthritis on the way, which may have helped. The dry hot air may help, too, although I can never be sure of that.

Yesterday I went up and down the driveway a few times, going from my guest house space to the main house, and I noticed that I was not having that much trouble climbing the driveway. It isn't super steep but I suspect I would have had a harder time a few months ago.

Last night and again this morning I used one of the exercycles in the guest house, for 11 minutes each time. That's the time I have been giving to the bike when at the gym, before I do the strength training stuff. I'm trying to work up the time I spend on a bike so my seat gets comfortable with it and I can ride a regular bike and eventually the special "spinning" bikes. After my bike time last night I did the rubber band exercises, except for the lat pulldowns. I could find doors but no chairs. I'll have to work that part out. This morning I did two of the exercises with the bands. i will do more later. Then later I put on my swim suit and hit the pool here.

I did some cycling, some cross-country, some stretches, some running in place in the water. Then I moved into a swimming position and tried to swim. I was able to swim with just a bit of an issue with my left arm, much much better than I was the last time I tried swimming, which was also in Palm Springs.

The exercises are starting to work! These little changes are encouraging me to keep on. Nothing like a little success to keep me going.

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Arthriticknee said...

Detailing your experience with arthritis is a valuable tool for fellow sufferers. I have found that common sense is one of the most important components when starting an exercise program. Those who try and stick to a rigid plan fail. You need to listen to your body and back off when it is having a bad day. If you don't you end up turning one bad day into three or four. When the goal is more activity, limping around around because you over did it is counter productive.
I will be recommending your blog as a great example of an effective common sense approach. Sometimes rest is just what the body ordered.