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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Three Months Along

Today marks three months since my hip surgery. I have frequently thought of writing in here since my last post but for some reason did not. I have missed milestones, if they can be called that.

I can sleep on my right side now, without feeling that hard uncomfortable bump in my hip. It's gone, healed. I can put on my right shoe almost without discomfort. I can walk without hip pain most of the time. Every now and then the hip pain resurfaces after I have been walking a while. I can't really explain that. Maybe just because it isn't entirely healed inside yet.

I am walking more. In this last week I have walked over 10,000 steps a day most days. I have some dogs to thank for that: I agreed to watch my daughter and son-in-law's animals while they went on a vacation with their son. Because it is super-hot here in Las Vegas (where they live), I had to get out of bed early to take them for walks, and I waited until cool later evening to take them on evening walks. I got to thinking my life was between dog walks. But it did get me walking more than I was used to doing. I think I am stronger for it, and I hope I can make myself get out there more from now on.

It is discouraging to me when my daughter Mary says I seem no better than I was before surgery. I feel much better, I believe I am doing very much better. I walk up and down stairs one foot at a time, instead of stepping with the left, then pulling the right even with the left. I have even gone downstairs without touching the railing, holding something. I could not do these things prior to these surgeries. I notice them. It makes me sad that others may not.

I am still in therapy. The therapist says my right knee is starting to loosen a little, getting a wee bit straighter. If so I cannot tell it. I don't know if I will ever get there. What this means is that it is hard for me to walk straight, to avoid back pain, to walk without tension. I would love to feel the way I did years ago - able to walk forever, seemingly, effortlessly. Will that time ever come again?