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Thursday, May 13, 2010

No progress?

Yesterday I volunteered to help at an event to be held at the recreation building in my mobile home park. The rec building is just a couple of doors down from my house, across the street. I carried over two trays with cups and pots and a water pitcher and tea bags and similar items, then went back and forth several times to bring other things or to take things back. It isn't a great distance and nothing I carried was particularly heavy.

During the setup time I was on my feet in the building for a bit, but then sat down and didn't spend a lot of time standing, comparatively. Afterwards, of course, I carried stuff back again. By the time I got in the door of my house for the last time my legs were screaming. I felt exhausted and in pain. I took two tylenol pm tablets before going to bed.

I woke with my legs still feeling extra-heavy. The feeling is something like what it feels when I am carrying something heavy, like 50 or 75 pounds. Each step makes my legs tighten and hurt. I had some time getting out of bed, going to the bathroom, brushing my teeth, doing my little bathroom cleanup routine, feeding cats, getting dressed. Now I am dressed, all but shoes, and finally the heaviness is starting to back off a bit.  I will be off to the gym in a short time and expect to work some of the stiffness and pain out there by just doing my new routine.

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