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Friday, May 14, 2010

Back into the water and out on the deck

Today I put together a dish for the potluck and went to the Aqua class this morning. Led by Cindy again, it was similar to last week's in that we moved backward and forward a whole lot, changing activities licketysplit. Sometimes I would just figure out what she wanted when she was on to the next one. The hardest ones are those that work the "core", I find. I have certainly lost a lot of strength in that area. I also find it hard to keep track, figure out what we're doing. I think that when I get stronger I might like this particular class a lot. I really hope so.

Then to the shower and back onto the deck. The potluck was held at the far end of the pool, next to the sand volleyball court (nobody was playing, good thing). Between 15 and 20 of us were there and there were a few salads so I did fine, with bread and crackers and all. Almost everything else had cheese in it. One person brought home made lemonade from her tree and that was delicious.

I talked a little to somebody else there and then to Cindy, who wanted to know a little more about me and how long I'd been at the gym. She clearly takes her job seriously. Another class member said she remembers everyone's names. We all signed a card for a class member who is in the hospital recovering from knee replacement surgery (I signed too, even though I do not know him). Then off to home.

This afternoon I have been feeling tired again, or still. My legs do better if I get up now and then and move around...

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