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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If its Tuesday it must be sewing class

Yesterday I did the Aqua class with Kerry. It was cool and wet so the class size was small, so Kerry jumped in the water with us. I liked that. I managed pretty well, having most trouble with the "core" activities. I can't believe my abs are that weak! Maybe they are.

I took some tylenol yesterday and again this morning to take the edge off the right hip pain. The pain is most certainly back now. I did my regular workout this morning before sewing class and managed all right in class but when I left I went to Costco to pick a few things up and the pain was just awful. Of course concrete floors don't help but it was beyond that.

For my record: I am doing three sets of ten seconds each on the stick stretches, and I am doing all of three minutes on the treadmill at 1.6 mph. Or 1.6 whatever it is. I am managing five weak squats on the ball and again at the rail.

I am tired and hurting. Just a bad day for the hip, mainly.

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