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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blogging Minutiae

I don't believe this blog actually has any readers at this time, and with good reason: the entries are so full of minutiae, details of my daily life living with my particular arthritis. It's got to make even the most patient reader want to go away. Frankly, when I joined forums on weight loss the last thing I wanted to read was what other people ate for breakfast, or how many pounds they lost last week. Yet here I am detailing my exercises, going on about how this felt and how that felt, and how can this possibly be of interest to anyone else?

I don't expect it to be. What I expect is that over the long haul there will be changes that can be traced by looking back at these early days, and if I don't write what I feel and what I am doing now I won't remember then. So it will tell a tale to me eventually that may interest others in time, that will certainly interest me.

That said, I expect to settle into some sort of regular routine that doesn't change much in time, and so I will be blogging less about every day and perhaps more every few days or every week. Not yet, though.

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