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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It is another day

Last night I slept well. I have slept well for the past few days, with just occasional wake-ups  for water or bathroom and for one time when my right foot was a little crampy. Sleeping well means, of course, that when I get up it is a while before I can stand up straight because I haven't been up for several hours.

That was certainly true this morning. Bent over, trying to regain good posture, put my weight in my heels, suck my tummy in, I got the cats fed, did my usual early morning chores, and got a bit ready for my next trip, which is tomorrow, checked email, did some small stuff. By ten I was ready to head out to Aqua class, not really looking forward to it but knowing it would be good.

My right hip was bothering me and getting up and down was painful and getting into the gym was painful. By the time I left the gym I was loosened up a bit and finding it easier to walk and to concentrate on my posture and on not limping.  My theory is that as I continue to work the muscles and build strength, over time the extra strength will be there when I need it and I will find it easier to walk all the time.

I was feeling pretty perky so I took myself out to lunch and got myself an all-fruit smoothie afterwards, from Jamba Juice. By the time I got home I was feeling a little taxed and I lay down to take a nap. An hour or so later I got up, folded clean clothes, fed cats again, and realized I am doing better. My hip still hurts but I am managing it better.

Tomorrow I will head out of town and bring my resistance bands. I would like to get a stick to bring along, too, so I may head out to find something, a broom handle or something like that, in a bit. This trip will be a test of how well I do away from the gym. There is a pool where I am going, so I can do some water exercises in addition to the elastic band ones. I can't wait - well, I have to but I don't want to - until I can walk well enough to take hikes again!

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