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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The regular workout plus

This morning I ambled my way into the gym a bit after nine. Festivities were already underway for a thing the gym called "MayDaze". There were tables set up with information on gym classes, tables selling jewelry, body lotions, and organizing equipment, and there was a space set aside in the lobby (near the tables) for demonstrations of various activities. I passed by the lobby, smiling at the woman fronting the "classes" table, and made my way to the locker room.

I put my stuff away, went upstairs, and all looked about as usual for a Saturday morning. These mornings are about medium-busy, so I can get onto my machines without a lot of trouble. I do feel for those who have no choice but to fight for machines in the before- and after-work crowds. After I was done I went back downstairs, smiled at the woman again, took a shower and came out to look more closely at what was offered.

First I talked to the woman at the classes table. She had descriptions of the various classes spread out, plus schedules, and she was happy to talk to me. I explained that I did Aqua classes, that I have arthritis in my knees and elsewhere, and that I had tried one Active class without good results (for me). She nodded, understanding, I think. I asked her about Pilates but then interrupted myself as I saw the descriptions of the classes. It is floor-based. As is the yoga. I am not there yet. When I can get up and down more easily I can revisit. I asked then about the "tour" classes. These are bike classes where the participant can choose the level of resistance, can adjust the bike to fit, and these classes come in different times. There is one for 45 minutes, one for an hour, perhaps one longer. She said these are good for people who need to make adjustments and might be fine for me. We looked at the schedule and I decided I would try one tomorrow morning.

After this I met a woman at a table where she was selling tools for organizing. She offers "organizing parties", which I asked about. I am not a great organizer and maybe this could be a fun way to get better - she would talk for 20 - 30 minutes about some core organizing principles, then we could look at her goodies. And have refreshments. I have been thinking about what friends I might invite to such a thing.

From there, I went to the cafe, where orange juice and pieces of bagels and pastries were available for free. I had me some juice and a bit of bagel while I sat and read for a while and watched the action. While I sat there there were announcements of "water endurance" classes at the deep end of the pool as well as some other type of water class at the shallow end. I looked out at the pool but didn't see anyone in the pool. Perhaps nobody wanted water endurance at that time. There were announcements, too, of abs demos and of different classes available during the day. I didn't think I needed to hang around any longer so I took off. Only thing I regret is that I did not get the 2-for-1 smoothie deal. Maryann was not with me and there was no point in my downing two of those. Good though they are!

So on to tomorrow.

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