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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I can't get any meaningful amount of sleep tonight. My legs won't relax sufficiently, my arm hurts at times, I keep trying to get comfortable. When I went to bed at a bit after ten I immediately noticed that my legs were being troublesome so I took some acetaminophen pm tablets (two) and hoped that would get me through it. But they did not work. I have gotten up numerous times, read first one book, then another, took a shower, basking in the heat, tried to sleep again, and nothing.

Even before I tried to sleep I experienced some cramps. My right inner thigh went into cramping shortly after I went to bed. I worked that out, then about an hour later my left leg started to feel crampy but it did not get too far with it, then another bout with the right leg.

I only hope this does not impair me significantly later today, when I get up for real and head for an Aqua class again.

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