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Friday, May 7, 2010

An Aqua with a Twist

Today was my first time taking Aqua with Cindy. The class was large and Cindy was friendly. She identified me as new to her class and frequently complimented me on how well I was doing. Until Pamela took over, anyway.

Pamela was down in the deep end, like me, and wearing long dangly large earrings. When I first saw her she was telling somebody else of her plans to go to Puerto Vallarta in the summer, rent a house and stay for a month of so. She calculated it would cost her less than $1000 a month there.

As we started doing some traveling action I started having some difficulty following Cindy. It takes different moves to travel in the deep end than in the shallower water. Pamela saw my difficulties and stepped in, offered to help. She said if I did not want her help that would be fine, she'd step back. I figured I had nothing to lose and maybe something to gain so I said sure, I'd take her help.

She started me out doing some moves with a noodle between my legs, holding it tight and pushing down with my feet while I pushed forward with my arms, holding foam "weights". She corrected my position (tummy in, butt in, straight up) and when I seemed to be getting that move she showed me a related one. After a while I moved back to what the class was doing, trying this and that, and Pamela offered additional suggestions on doing some of the moves ("Slow it down. Lift your knees up. Better for your knees and for your age.") and encouraged me by saying my pain would go away if I keep doing it.

At the end Cindy said let's have a potluck, and class members chimed in and she invited me so I said "where?" and she said "right here".  I might just do it. A potluck out on the deck by the pool at the gym. I sure didn't expect that when I joined.

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