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Friday, April 30, 2010

After the Aqua and Beyond

Last night I was hoping I would not have any cramps or other untoward events. But that was not to be. I got a cramp in my right ankle, on the right side. I discovered that flexing my foot helped, but it still took a while to ease it. I suspect this came from my jumps in the pool yesterday, when I landed on the balls of my feet instead of my whole feet. I was having trouble enough with my knees and tried to land gently. I must remember to land on my whole foot regardless.

Later in the night I had a similar cramp, but much less painful, in my left ankle. It eased on its own.

This morning I did my usual little workout, at the usual levels. I limped into the building and left a little less stiff and in pain, so it did some good. It didn't feel wonderful, especially the bike. I wonder if I should be doing more sets rather than heavier weights. I really need to call Clara and set up an appointment.

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