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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Reluctant Roomie and other news

My roommate is Joan, an elderly woman who was sent here from French
Hospital because the doctors there felt she was not stable enough to go
home. She has heart trouble and has had strokes. I don't remember what
she was there for, some kind of operation. She did not want to come here
and it seemed initially like she was very resentful. Now she seems to be
adjusting, realizing it's a lot better than the hospital in any case.

In other news, Maryann was not able to start my car this afternoon. The
alarm key would not unlock the doors, either. So I asked her to go to
Batteries Plus to get another battery for the alarm key and see if that
worked. It didn't, so I called Better World Auto Club and a tow truck
showed up eventually to jump start the car battery. Now Maryann is at an
auto parts store where they will test batteries and charge them for
free. I hope that is all that is needed. That battery is not all that
old. Maybe two years. If a new battery is needed I will need to take the
other one back to get a partial refund from where I got it.

In any case, it's good this happened today and not tomorrow morning.
Would have been really frustrating waiting here past my scheduled
leaving time. Chances are they will have another patient ready to move
in as soon as I hit the road.

My last night on this not-so-comfy hospital bed. Tomorrow could seem
quite luxurious.

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