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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 3

April 13: two days after surgery. Things looked up. My doc raised the
dosage of percocet from one to two tablets and that solved the
pain-during-therapy issue. I have been on that dosage ever since, hoping
to cut back but knowing that one just does not cut it.

I felt much better after going for a walk with the walker, down the hall
far enough to meet my goal (150 feet before leaving the hospital). Lots
of applause from therapist and roomie Helen, who at least was getting up
and shuffling around some by then. Helen has several daughters, and most
of them showed up at one time or another, sometimes all at once. They
tend to be a bit motherly toward their mom, repeating what she needed to
do and what she should not do. Ordering her around, in other words.One
of them brought many herbal remedies (she called them homeopathic but
they sounded to me like just plain herbal) and insisted that her mom
take them. I don't know if the staff there as told about these
supplements. I hope so.

In the afternoon, as I as returning from my triumphant walk down the
hall, I almost ran into a woman with reddish longish hair, who cried
out, "already walking!". Clearly she knew me. I wasn't sure I knew her
but when she said she had forgotten to bring the books with her I knew
she was Laurie (not sure of spelling, have never seen it spelled) from
Aqua class. She arrived with a large plush frog that has bunny ears, to
celebrate Easter (the ears come off, she said, in case I need him for
some other occasion).

We had a nice conversation once I got back to bed. Why might I not have
recognized her? Because in Aqua she is covered with a
long-sleeved-high-necked jacket, sunglasses, and a large hat. I had no
idea of her eye color even. Now I do!

That night I downed a sleeping pill along with the percocet. It wasn't
easy getting to and staying asleep. It still isn't exactly a walk in the
park,but when I have enough drugs I do well enough.

Good day all around, so much better than the second.

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