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Monday, April 25, 2011

Friday the 22nd

I did very well in physical therapy Friday, both morning and afternoon.
Not that this is anything different, except that I even opted to stay a
little longer in the afternoon to play the "clock" game again. This time
Tim added the rest of the clock, so I stood in the middle of it and
stood on different numbers in front, to the side, and to the rear. I
think Helen and I were the only victims in there at the time, but there
were three or four staff members working at the desks, in addition to
Tim. These other PTs were intrigued by the game and before long they
were making music to go with it and clapping in rhythm. Helen, of
course, joined in. By the time I was done I felt like a celebrity.

Friday was also the day I gained a new roommate. Denice (yes, that's the
spelling) came in with her daughter "for two days". She had had a hip
replacement Tuesday and when Friday came along her doctor thought she
would benefit from a few days at the rehab center. I was a little
concerned that she showed up Friday because there is only one therapy
session Saturdays and none at all Sundays, so it seemed bad timing if
you are just there two days. As you might guess, she did not stay just
two days. She is still here today and plans to leave tomorrow - Tuesday.
So she is getting two days out of the deal, more or less, of real work.

Denice is a nice, normal person, looking good for being in her 70s. Who
knows any more, though? She had great difficulty getting in and out of
bed initially but it wasn't long before she mastered it, if slowly. I
learned that there are three things hip replacement patients are told
NOT to do, repeatedly. I might remember all three by the time she
leaves. I don't think there is anything particular that knee surgery
patients are told not to do.

Friday afternoon was the egg hunt. Who comes up with these things? (The
poor activities leader is who.) When I mentioned this to one of my
daughters she said that if they stuffed the plastic eggs with pain
killers we'd get 100% attendance. She might be right about that. I have
no idea how many people did show up because I was in therapy at the time
and not really interested anyway. There was also a religious service
that morning, which I declined.

I had pain in my legs that night. Like "restless legs" that just won't
quit. This has happened on and off during this period. What I continue
not to have is hip pain. I cannot express the joy I feel about that
unexpected result.

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