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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm Excited

The day is almost here. Tomorrow I get knee surgery. And after several days of uncertainty and then nervousness I am now excited. I am thinking about how it will be to have one straight leg, for example. Miracle!

This afternoon I visited the transitional care center. I went there mainly to check on the food - as I am vegan I wanted to be assured that they could feed me. The answer was a reserved "yes". They try to accommodate all kinds of diets. I am now working on a list of simple vegan dishes to give them. No recipes, just ideas - veggie chili, spaghetti with marinara sauce, peanut butter and jelly, mushroom and barley soup, and so on.

While I was there I saw the therapy room (small and not a lot of equipment) and the break room and living room and a typical bedroom (two beds with a screen between).  It's a small, homey kind of place. I expect I'll be able to do some reading there easily enough, along with the therapy. The patients I saw there were older than I am, which suggests to me that I may be able to get through the therapy more easily. We'll see.

As always, getting ready to go somewhere takes a lot of work. I bought two more bags of kitty litter (I blend two types), I washed lots of clothes, I cleaned this and that and now I think I am reasonably ready. and I am getting excited.

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arthritis said...

Hope the surgery goes well Judith... let us know how it goes!