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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rehab This!

Over the years I have developed ways of using my body that are not all
excellent. For example, I have walked on the outside of my feet since I
was a little girl. I don't have the best balance, and I am sure that
this is part of the reason, along with the disintegration of the knee
joints so that my knees met in the middle.

As I have worked with the physical therapists here, some of these
lifelong habits have come out, and the therapists have given me
exercises to help correct them. When I think about the future I see it
brighter in a way I did not previously conceive. I see my feet walking
straight and firmly, my ankles strong, and I see myself standing tall
and being balanced. And I wonder, why didn't I do this sooner? Or, more
correctly really, why don't we think about getting body checkups?
Whether or not we have knee problems? Wouldn't that be a good kind of
regular checkup,something that would be of real value?

The first time I saw a physical therapy department my impression was one
of wonder: this is where people do good things. I am even more convinced
that this is an area that needs to be brought out from the basement and
given greater exposure. We could all benefit.

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