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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Stress Test

Today was my stress test. I went to sewing class in the morning and left at about one to get to the cardiologist's office. I spent more time filling out papers than doing the test - or at least it seemed that way. It actually did take over an hour for everything.

First they did an ultrasound of my heart. This meant they plugged pads with cables on various parts of my chest, then I lay on my left side while the technician moved the instrument around a little, first on about the center of my chest, then on the lower left side. She got pictures of my heart beating away nicely. Then another person came in and put an IV in my right hand. It hurt! Another person plugged more cables in different places on me for an EKG and finally they hooked me to the drip bag and the test actually began.

They started with a low dosage of this stimulant and gradually increased it. By the time they hit my target heart rate I could hear my heart and feel it thumping away, and I felt a bit dizzy. After topping out the cardiologist said my heart is fine and left the room. It was a few minutes before my heart beat came back to normal. The results were faxed to the surgeon's office so I should be hearing about the surgery date for sure soon.

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