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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Catchup Catchup: more about weekend of 16-17

I looked back at my notes and realized I had left out two significant

No. 1. On Friday night roomie Elinor got up in the middle of the night
without calling for help. She was confused, she said later, did not know
where she was. Elinore is very law-abiding, unlike me. Unfortunately,
she fell down. The first I knew of this was when I woke up hearing the
voices of the nursing staff asking her questions - grilling her,
practically - about her fall. I think they worry a LOT about liability
here. The final decision was to get her to and from the bathroom, her
original destination, and then to bed for the rest of the night, because
it appeared that she was not hurt.

Saturday morning, though, they took steps. They moved her to a different
room, at the other end of the building. She now has a yellow wrist band
and blanket, designating her to be in danger of falling, and they put an
alarm on her. I know from being in physical therapy at the same time
that she was that the alarm goes with her when she is in her wheelchair.
It went off one time when Tim was helping her to her walker.

Thus I was freed! The whole world looked a little bit more colorful and
my time here appeared manageable.

No. 2. Every Sunday a young woman named Andrea comes to the care center
to do hair. She sets up in the employees' bathroom. Not a big space but
with various bits of equipment she is able to do it all. She does
shampoos, shampoo & set, cuts, and even color (with notice). I made an
appointment to have my hair cut. I figured why not, as long as I am
here, get it done because it is going to be harder when I get out and am
not yet able to drive.

She did a nice job and we had a nice chat. This is her only gig at this
time. She has a four-year-old daughter so she is taking time to be with

So I guess Sunday was not just one big wash of time after all.

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