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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday Monday

Yesterday, Monday the 25th, I woke again early in the morning, with pain
that would not go away. More tylenol, later more percocet, more hot
cloths. I managed to get in a little rest by the time the therapist came
to take me for morning therapy. This was somebody different, whose name
I forget. The therapy session was pretty unmemorable, too. But again, I
got through it. In the afternoon I got Nancy again and we did some good
work together, after which she measured my range of motion again. 97
degrees! I was amazed it had moved so much! The straight angle is about
the same,though. Not likely to change much for quite a while, I understand.

Maryann came by with fresh-baked bread just for me! She later told the
kitchen about it and put it on the patients' shelf in the break room
fridge. So today I have been treated to having it twice.

I went to bed hoping to make it through.

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