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Monday, April 18, 2011

And today...

I meant to get all caught up before I went into current events but
instead I'll just interweave them. So today.

Today was one week after surgery. I was in the hospital three days, and
moved to the transitional care center last Thursday. I had two physical
therapy sessions Friday, here, one on Saturday, and none Sunday. Today I
am back on the weekly schedule, with two sessions. Plus one with the
occupational therapist. More on her at another time.

I have been taking two percocets about every four hours. But I have
worried about taking so much. The nurses assure me I won't become
dependent but I am not sure if I won't increase my need during the time
I'm here. Also, I noticed that in the doctor's orders that I took with
me from the hospital suggested a reduction in pain medication as time
goes on.

I'd had my morning dose of pain meds at about 7 am today. I found that I
was not feeling much pain when four hours had passed, which was when the
physical therapist came along. I decided to go for the therapy, see how
I did. And I did fine. We did several bed and sitting exercises, did
some standing and at the sink in the bathroom,then we went for walks
that included going up and down short flights of stairs. At the end of
the session I was still okay, so I waited until lunch to get new meds -
six hours after the morning dose. I wanted 1-1/2 percocets instead of
two, but the nurse said the way the order is written I can only have one
or two. I took two. I was thus drugged when I had the second bout of PT
about an hour later. This session, with a different therapist (Tim) went
well, too, was more strenuous and more painful. I don't know if pain
killers will really get to the heart of that kind of pain, the type that
means the muscle is stretching over the knee cap, for example. So I was
pleased to be treated to various burning pains. Tim never pushes too
hard and always insists on rests but one does get one's money's worth.

In the end I felt I was managing the pain better than I had yesterday.
It was just the tiniest notion but it may be true. I have noticed, too,
that I've had no hip pain since the surgery. I do think that's
meaningful. It seems like I am a little bit more stable now than I was
pre-surgery. And the stairs seem easier to maneuver than they did
pre-surgery, too.

Nevertheless, when I go on my little walks around the building I do feel
pressure and pain with every step. I am looking forward to the day that
does not happen. Maybe 12 weeks? Maybe sooner!

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