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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More of the thirteenth

That Wednesday was a day for gifts. First the frog -

Then Maryann's response to my request for a notebook and pen:

Finally, at just before noon a delivery of Thai food arrived at the hospital. Daughter Mary had arranged for it, as well as for the pizza that was delivered the night before (which I forgot to mention in that post!). I had Thai food for lunch and dinner that day. It was a darn sight better than what the hospital had on offer.

Right now I can't get to the published posts to update or correct them (blogger is also blocked, in part, by this rehab center), so I have to make separate posts (by email) with the corrections or additions.

For the curious, here is a pic of my knee at that time:

The mark on the bandage is where there was a little leakage of blood. The nurse wanted to make sure it didn't get larger. The pink pad on the left side of my knee is the drainage hole. It was originally connected to a tube that ran down my leg and went to a container hooked on the end of the bed. When I got up out of bed I had to unclip the bottle and attach it to my walker.

In case it isn't obvious, the blue thing is the open brace. It's made of thick foam, velcro, webbing, and controls on either side of the knee that allow little or a lot of movement. In this pic one cannot see, of course, the outside webbing that belts it together.

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