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Saturday, April 30, 2011


This last day is going rather slowly. And I have a new roommate. I
almost made it. But at least it looks like she'll be quiet. She has a
lot of family, though. I just finished a sixth book. I can hardly wait
to get back to so I can enter reviews and get something
entered about the book box I received.

I went out to the terrace this aft and sat there a while, reading. The
weather is nice, probably the only day it has been suitable to do that
for any length of time. I asked myself why I didn't just ask to leave
today. The answer is that I wanted to get that last PT session in.

I am curious whether I can drive. I want to find out. Tomorrow afternoon
I think I'll test it out. Just get in my car and see if I can drive
around the block.

Obviously a slow day.

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