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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Moving Along

My time here is coming to a close. But wait, more on that later.

I did PT with Tim again yesterday afternoon and we got back up to normal
speed. I really enjoy challenging myself here, continually upping the
ante. Tim believes in keeping it interesting and he really does that. I
will miss him particularly. At one point he mentioned that I have very
good body awareness. I was surprised to hear that but when I thought
about it I realized it's true. I know what my body parts are doing. I am
aware of changes in how my body reacts to certain moves. When I do an
exercise,whether it is here or at the gym I never do it mindlessly. I
think about every part of the move.

Last night I took a percocet at about eight, hung around and finally
slept a bit, then took a sleeping pill at midnight. I woke at four and
was too uncomfortable to get back to sleep for about two hours. At this
time it seems like the leg pain is more a discomfort of the "restless
legs" type than a sharp or persistent pain in the usual sense. Although
I do get knee twinges frequently, usually a type that slides away as I
get warmed up in PT. I get out there and take walks to keep the knee
from stiffening too much and I hope the accumulation of this work
eventually rewards me in a deep, long sleep. Still waiting. But I did
get enough sleep, overall,last night.

My roomie Patricia (did I mention she moved in yesterday?) moved out
today, at about 1:30. Nice woman with a son who is a pilot who flew
here to drive her home. Not long after she left, the person who is in
charge of the checking in and out came in and suggested that she might
move me to another room or add me another roomie. I had quite a look of
despair on my face. She said she would have to work something out - and
I have not heard more about it. I am hoping.

I also talked to her about leaving and found that the therapists have
cleared me for takeoff. So what day, she asked, and I said how about
Sunday? So at about 11:30 Sunday I am going home!

PT with Scott again this morning. He's a nice guy,and funny, but I don't
get much of a workout with him. Mostly lots of walks and a few other
things. This afternoon I was with Tim again. We got a little warmed up
and then took a different type of walk: up the street to the probation
department building. I managed it much better than I expected. It got me
excited - hiking is not so far away now! We did a number of other
activities after getting back, and then went to my room, where Tim took
my brace away to lubricate the "joint" in it and bring back some ice. He
also got a tube of a t-shirt-like knit that he pulled onto my leg to
give it a break from the foam inside the brace. What a relief! Loving
it. It was feeling really scratchy.

A good day overall. I am hoping for a good night as well.

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