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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Getting Close

Yesterday I had Scott for PT both morning and afternoon. I was scheduled
to have Tim in the afternoon but Scott had some problem in his schedule
and Tim offered to take on some of his clients while Scott took me. I
had been looking forward to one last time with Tim and felt sad when I
learned this. Fortunately, I felt both sessions with Scott were
productive and even challenging in parts, which is what I always like
about Tim's. Still, I miss having that chance to say goodby
(full-timers don't work on weekends). Today I understand I will have
someone I have never met before, and that will be the last session,
because they only have one on Saturdays and none on Sundays.

When I mentioned to Scott that they have not seen the last of me, that I
will be back with the second knee, he said that the patients he has seen
who have done this have generally done better the second time around.
The pain and weakness is the same but the patient knows what to expect
and is able to focus on that and get through it more easily. I expect
that to be the same for me.

Maryann came and after our visit she took away many books! Books I have
read along with many I have not (from the bookbox that arrived while I
was incarcerated here). She'll take more stuff today so that tomorrow,
when I leave, the load will not be so daunting. I practically feel like
one of those travelers of old, the rich ones, who take large trunks with
them. It's true that I have many clothes but most of what I'd have in
that trunk would be books.

After all that she has done for me, I hope that I have some chance to do
something of the same for Maryann some time!

Last night I had Percocet at 8:30, sleeping pill at about 10:15, another
Percocet at about 4:15. Same, generally, as the night before. It got me
through. When I get home I think I'll use tylenol pm at night, two
tablets. That stuff usually knocks me out and maybe it can help me avoid
taking more Percocet.

The real joy is that I had another day and night without a roommate! If
I can just not get one today I am home free!

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