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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trying it out again

Friday I belatedly called for a refill of my pain medication. I went through automated systems and did not even confirm that the doctor's office had indeed authorized a refill (the prescription had no more refills authorized; the pharmacy had to fax a request to the doctor's office). Why did I wait until Friday afternoon and why did I not confirm? If the prescription were not refilled then I would have to make it through the weekend without it. I think that part of me wanted to see how I would manage.

Nevertheless, on Saturday morning I called the Costco pharmacy to see if the prescription was ready. And it was. I decided to take this opportunity to try driving again, and to pick up cat food and kitty litter while out.

I was surviving on no pain meds by the time I set out and had been in pain since I awoke. But still I thought I might do all right. Not so much. From getting into the car to pressing on the gas to moving to the brake pedal to getting out of the car it was nothing but pain. Not excruciating but damned uncomfortable. I managed to get to Costco, wait in line at the pharmacy (cursing the fact that they don't have a "take a number" system so I could just sit down on their bench), get the prescription, drive to PetCo, buy food and litter (plus the usual bag of cat food for the feline network, which was having an adoption day outside of the store), and even go to Vons to buy some groceries.

It was no picnic and by the time I got home I was very much ready to take some of that pain medication, which helped. I realized that 1) I am not yet ready to drive regularly and 2) I am not yet ready to go off the pain meds. It's disheartening but I must take deep breaths and accept where I am. I am just shy of five weeks from surgery and not progressing as quickly as I would like but there is no reason for me to expect that I won't get there.

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