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Saturday, November 26, 2011

This Is How It Is

I called in two prescriptions Friday afternoon, when I got home from Las Vegas. One of them had no refills so the Costco pharmacy had to fax in a request for it to be filled. The other had another refill available. This morning I checked on them and found out that the request had not been answered yet but the other prescription was filled and ready to pick up.

I went to an Aqua class at the gym this morning and felt pretty good at getting through it well. But my knee still hurt and my foot hurt as well. I have just begun to realize that my right foot hurting has been another part of my current situation. I really did not want to make my way over that concrete floor after crossing the wide concrete expanse outside the building to pick up that one prescription. But as the day, today, wore on, I thought that I might have difficulty picking it up tomorrow when the pharmacy is closed.

So I reluctantly went out at about 3:30, cats nipping at my heels, wanting to be fed before I left. Walking from my car (all the disabled spots were taken as usual) to the building and all the way to the pharmacy against the far wall was really uncomfortable. I kept waiting for the pain to let up but it did not. I took my time, used my cane. At the door the greeter asked if I wanted to use one of the motorized chairs and I said no. I still have such trouble being seen in a wheelchair. But oh, how much I really wanted it.

I got there, was so happy to see that there was nobody in front of me. Waiting in line is not comfortable either, not yet. I got my prescription and took my time back and eased my way into the car, hurting.

Driving is still not without pain. It seems to have settled at a steady level of pain, not getting worse but not getting better either. I think the foot pain contributes here.  I made it home, stopping at the mailbox for another painful effort, getting out to get the mail and returning to the car, and finally into my driveway.

I am walking around without my shoes now and I feel a little bit better but only a little. This is how it is now, right now. There have not been too many times when I have been without pain. I'm trying to figure it out.

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