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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Arthritis as sitcom? drama?

Today's challenge (see note at bottom of this post) is to think of this blog as the basis of a television show. My first thought was to make it a situation comedy, although arthritis needs something of a hook to make it funny. A support group for arthritics? This would mean a ton of old-people jokes. Been done to death. Could, however, be more like the Golden Girls. For example, my Aqua class might make a good sitcom. Let's think about this a minute:

* Aqua classes are notorious for the chatter. The teacher has to struggle to be heard above all the conversation in the pool.
* People do get to know each other. My class often has potlucks, right by the pool. We've even had off-gym parties.
* There are a lot of Total Knee Replacement (aka TKR) patients in aqua classes. Every physical therapist and doc seems to recommend it as a safe exercise.

Thus I could envision a group of TKR people in an Aqua class. Some might be pre-surgery, some recent surgeries, some might have had the surgery years ago. There may be discussions about an upcoming surgery or comparisons of knees. The comparisons might even rise to the level of competition - I got to 125 degrees flex. How about you? Mine was 127, and my extension is better than zero! How long were you in therapy? Six weeks? I got out in four. I'm having a little trouble taking this anywhere that is really funny.

How about a drama? Perhaps a lifetime series? The Home. A short-term rehab home. Small, no more than 24 patients. Staff nurse (RN), several LVNs, various orderlies, several physical therapists and occupational therapists. I think there is potential here. This would spring from some of my experiences but would not really be my blog-turned-television, which means it doesn't meet the criteria well.

Or a television drama. One woman, years of frustration, loss of hope, finally the knee replacements. With information at the end about knee replacements, about arthritis support groups. There isn't a whole lot of drama in this scenario. We would need some sort of crisis to make it work.

Finally, a one-woman "dramedy". Perhaps a half-hour show. Woman in her sixties coping with life alone,   visiting children, trying to stay out of sibling rivalries, going on trips alone, joining classes, meeting others, going to the gym. That's who I am, like it or not. Oh, with four cats - does that help? Might show how she manages various household chores with her arthritic knees, and how she gets her exercises in after knee surgery, how she responds to treatment, to physical therapy. This is closest to my blog so I'm taking it. Let's meet and discuss particulars before I start co-writing.

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