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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Anything Goes

Today's challenge - I think this time we get to write about whatever we want. I left my list at home and I haven't found a list easily online. One blogger wrote that we could write about whatever we want so I'm going for it.

 It is the day before Thanksgiving, and like many other families, ours has been preparing for tomorrow. We try to keep things simple but we do want to have something of a traditional thanksgiving. Traditional for us, that is. I offered to make pumpkin pies, because I had just made some last week for a special event and they got rave reviews (new recipe, not my own).

We worked out the day today, which was to include shopping for what's missing. I made a list. I wanted to get in a water exercise class, too. So, using my son-in-law's pass to his gym, I took a class at 10:30. My daughter took a yoga class at 10:45. We got out of the gym at noon and had scheduled a stop at the library, then lunch. We did these things and by then my grandson of 23 months was needing a nap. So was I.

The class and the subsequent time at the library and the lunch out took it out of me. My knee was hurting and I felt almost exhausted. This is rather the thing about healing and getting old and feeling pain - one can get tired more easily. What with one thing and another I did not get to making the pies until just about 20 minutes ago. They are in the oven now. when they come out I will put them in the fridge, then pack my few remaining things and walk to my other daughter's house, which is literally around the corner. This daughter called me a "procrastinator" because this has taken so long. She simply does not comprehend how difficult it can be for me to do a lot of simple things, and how those efforts can quickly tire me. It won't always be so! When this knee is healed I will have a lot less pain and my alignment should be better and I should be able and happy to go hiking again. When that time comes I will have more energy and I will be able to do more things. For now, I simply have to hang on and take the time it takes. That is a huge part of healing.

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:

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