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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today's #NHBPM Day 22 Prompt is: Be present. Describe a scene with lots of imagery. Show, don't tell! My bedroom. I am over 400 miles away from it right now but it is present in my mind. When I walk into it I first see the bed. IT is queen-sized, head up against the far wall. It is covered with a blue and white striped-design comforter, on top of which are three pillows. The pillows are spread across the head of the bed. Two are of a green flowery design and the third is plain off-white. The white one sits in the middle. LIght from the window to the right of the bed flows in to create a comfortable afternoon wash: no glare, just soft light. I can pull the dark maroon curtains to cover the window, the material reaching to the floor, but I don't. I usually hook them on the one large hook on the right side of the window, and swirl the curtains over the hook a few times, to form something like a knot. The room is larger than others I have had in past years, but not what most people would call "large". It takes up all but about six feet of the width of the house, the 20' width, and it is about fourteen feet deep. The bed is almost against the left wall, but there is a gap of about two feet there, allowing me to get in from that side and to make the bed. A black two-tiered bedside table sits in the corner, with a lamp, the type that can be bent to face down or up, at the back of it, against the wall. Also on the table are books - usually two or three, a small alarm clock, black, with glowing numerals, a pink plastic tray with a matching plastic pitcher, and at night some medicines I am currently taking. Right now there is a glass on the tray. It is what I think they call an "old fashioned" glass, but I could be wrong. It is about three inches high, sturdy, with a heavy bottom. It has a green pattern stamped around the outside. Why is the bed so far to the left when there is so much room? Because a 7-foot long "parlor grand" piano sits lengthwise on the right side. The keyboard faces the rear wall, with about two feet or so between the piano and the wall. A heavy wooden bench that has seen better days takes most of that space. The piano lid is closed but the keys are exposed. On top of the lid are piles of music, in random order, always knocked about by my cats.On the main part of the lid are odds and ends of things, like clothes that need to be put away or a laundry basket or some jewelry or a suitcase that I have not emptied since the last trip. Under the piano are a couple of bags of fabric and related materials, for sewing. There is also a basket with all sorts of odd stuff in it, culled from other places. I need to sort through that mess. One of the house's four cat litter boxes is next to the piano but not under it. It is green, fairly large, with a domed cover. There is a set of "stairs" inside the box, allowing a cat to enter by going up this ramp and into the box. The bottom steps usually have an accumulating of litter on them, often wet from one of the cats peeing right there. In the near right corner as I face into the room is a music cabinet that I inherited from my grandmother. IT has an old-fashioned type lock and I have lost the key. Inside are beautiful little trays that slide out, drawers for sheet music. The case is a dark wood, I am not sure what kind, and it is neatly carved but not elaborately. Just to my right is a black two-tiered table, about three feet high, containing my "boom box". IT is in three parts: the center part and one speaker are on the lower level while the other speaker is on top. Some odds and ends sit next to the upper speaker. To my right is a tall bookcase, Ikea, with doors covering the bottom half. the doors donwt line up exactly right. I did something wrong in putting it together. The upper shelves are stuffed with books, some layered on top of others. ON top of the shelf are a large puzzle in a box and some games. This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:

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