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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Yesterday I had two visitors and two again today. Both times my visitors were able to watch some of my physical therapy. I really appreciate that SLTCC recognizes residents' needs for wide-open visits. Meaning our dogs can come to see us. Meaning our friends can watch our physical therapy. This way they get to see what I am up to and for some of them to imagine what might be in their own futures as well. Visitors can also have coffee or tea if they like, all of which makes me look like a good host. If you think this means you are welcome to come see me in the short time I have left here, you're right! Barb, one of today's visitors, brought a get-well card from my sewing class. This sewing class is way more than a class. It is a support group, a potluck club, a group where no topic is off-limits (well, almost). When I first joined I thought I was going to be learning more about sewing. For a hermit like me, it has turned out to be so much more. And yes, we do learn more about sewing. Physical therapy has ranged all over the rehab room and outside grounds lately. My many therapists have different approaches but keep some things the same, and all are helping me reach that zero-degree extension (as well as, of course, a decent flex). I don't see that happening while I am here because it takes a lot just to get one degree of extension, but I believe I have made enough progress to suggest that success is in my future. For the record my flex reached 105 degrees and my extension about a -7 or -8 degrees today. In comparison, when I left physical therapy for my left leg I had been stuck at about -12 degrees for several visits. Tomorrow will be my last day of occupational therapy. I will take another shower. There just has been no good reason to continue considering I've been down this road already and I know the tricks.

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