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Monday, October 3, 2011

In the grip

The surgery went well. I woke,however, in a lot of pain. The nurses gave me all that they could over the period of time that I was in the recovery room, and then when I went into my regular room I got still more. I woke up at about 9:30 am and it is now 2:10 and I am embarrassed at how much pain relief I have been given. It's better but far from comfortable. I had some trouble adjusting pain meds the last time but I do not recall waking up in such pain and having it continue as it has. This is not entirely unusual, of course. People have different experiences, even the same person at different time. I am in a room with a woman I met in the waiting room, just like last time. Only this time she had hip surgery and she will not be going to Transitional Care. She has a husband and daughter to help her at home. I was right when I remembered how dark these rooms are. Finally I have some light. I could not figure out where the light was until the nurse showed me and hooked it to the pillow like last time. Between the two of us and our machines there is some kind of beeping going off practically every few minutes. IV bag empty. Malfunction of something or other. There is also room for a third patient in between us, so I'd say the room is spacious. I wish I could get up right now and walk around it, but the pain makes that seem impossible. When the physical therapist arrives I hope I will be able to stand up. That might even help, once I get past the initial pain of moving off the bed. Oh, yes. The good news is that there is no full-length brace on my leg this time! I hope this means everything will proceed a little bit more easily.

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