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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Too Soon

My physical therapist for last week, Roberto, reminded me that I need to make working on my knee my job right now. It is tempting, though, to jump out into the world, celebrating the progress I have made and stretching myself. Today I did just that, by going to a one-day sewing class. The class was led by Linda, who has taught sewing classes for years, and I have been in many in the past few years. The cool part is that our class has formed bonds with each other, so it is a pleasure just to be there, among friends.

Today's class was "holiday aprons". We all made aprons from the same pattern, with our own material. It went from ten a.m. to two p.m., with a break for lunch, provided by Linda. During that time I was mostly sitting but got up frequently, mainly to use the iron. I did not elevate my foot (where was I to do that?), did not ice my knee (again, where?) and I only did one exercise, one I was able to do while standing at the ironing board. I felt that it was a little exhausting but I did all right.

Until I got home. Then the pain started. I tried lying down with my leg up, but could not get rid of the pain. I took more pain relievers, iced the knee, tried different positions, simply could not get any relief. It was hours before I could get myself anywhere near comfortable, and now I sit here looking at my puffy leg and foot and sighing.

It was too soon. I need to focus on my knee, make sure I elevate, ice, get up and move around short distances. I need to stay on track and leave the excursions for later.

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