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Monday, October 3, 2011

The Day Of

And so here I am, 4:30 in the morning or so, on the day of my second surgery.

I got so worried last night that I would not be ready and that I would not wake up that I got pretty much everything done, except pack a second suitcase. I have also left some domestic chores for...whenever. As I sit here, though, I remember a couple of things I need to bring, so I am going to go get them and put them in my bag.

All right. That's done. But the new kitty litter is not yet where it should be. I like to mix two kinds so I keep a covered wastebasket near one of the litter boxes and I layer it in there, ready to scoop for freshening the boxes. I need to at least have the litter near that wastebasket. Gonna do that now.

All right. Did that. I'm feeling better, ready to go. In spite of hardly sleeping at all last night. Good thing I don't have to drive anywhere. Or be alert. Just alert enough to tell them which knee to mark.

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