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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Going Home

My checkout time is 11:00 this morning. Elaine plans to arrive at about 10:30 to help me load my stuff into the car and to take me home when all the paperwork is done. She arrived yesterday morning and spent time with me here twice yesterday, even having dinner with me last night (the center will prepare an extra meal for $5. Quite a bargain). I am excited about going home. There is a lot to like about the San Luis Transitional Care Center, but seriously, any care center worth its salt is going to want its residents to get antsy eventually. In my case it may have happened sooner than typically simply because I am not the best fit for this center. I suspect that most people who like their independence as much as I do never go to a rehab center in the first place. They take their chances at home, with the in-home therapists and nurses and occupational therapists (as needed). I knew from the outset that my knees would really benefit from a lot of physical therapy and I knew, as well, that if left to my own devices I could never provide as much on my own as I could get here. Three times a week does not compare with twice a day. So I do have mixed feelings. I am now going to be more on my own, having to remind myself to get up and work on my knee at various times during the day. I tend not to push myself as much as a PT will, either. I do believe, though, that I have gotten enough of a good start here that I will continue to improve, even with my less-intense home workouts. Not only that, but I will be able to take little walks around the park, paying close attention to every step, as I did for the other knee. I will also enjoy being able to spend time with Elaine, just the two of us and my four cats. For now, though, I am suddenly sleepy! Time for a little nap.

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