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Thursday, October 6, 2011


I went a whole day there without posting! Or did I? The doc took out the drainage Thing in the morning, freeing me from all tethers. one of the first things I did after that was change into my own night shirt, a pretty blue patterned simple flannel gown, same length as the dread hospital gowns. Of course the hospital gowns afford us all opportunities to loosen up with roomies and nurses, but hey, I can live without that. I took more walks, of course, and it is getting easier and easier. The one thing that seems worse this second time around is that it is very hard to lift my leg. Hurts a whole lot, even with pain meds. I wonder if the full-leg brace somehow helped in that department. I would never have guessed it. Sleeping is both better and worse. It is easier to fall asleep and get back to sleep after waking up. But I am unable to sleep on My side. So i sleep on my back, which causes lower back pain after a while. Getting up not easy. Today I go to transitional care, at about noon.there will be a bit more freedom there and I look forward to getting this leg working well. So far the results are promising.

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