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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No walk in the park

Oh the misconceptions. This knee was going to be easier than the last. I was going to power through the pain. Let's just admit up front that I am as much of a wimp as ever. I lost count of the different pain meds I have been on so far. Celebrex to start,along with oxycontin. A spinal anesthesia along with some sleepy stuff, a tranquilizer? Later two or three of something I do not remember,then an injection of Demerol. Which I got to repeat last night. Finished up with two percocets. My knee is hard to move. I am managing to wiggle toes both ways now and flex my foot, sort of. I have done the pulley exercises five or six times, last night. Need to rig that up again. The nurse was in here maybe a dozen times last night. Replacing iv bags, checking meds, and so on. It is a miracle i slept at all, even given all the drugs. One day at a time is my motto for now. I know that improvement will come, that I will celebrate small victories.

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