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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Yesterday, when the physical therapist was here, I told him about the pain I have in the mornings, in bed. He asked if it were getting worse or staying the same. I said it seems to be staying the same. He said that with the work I am doing that staying the same would indicate an improvement, in a way.

Today I woke again with excruciating pain. The pain is in my knee itself, mostly on the sides - where the drain was and on the opposite side. I tried and tried to get comfortable and found myself just bawling out loud (good thing I live alone) for several minutes.

I just looked back in this journal to my pain with my left knee at about three weeks. I was dealing with restless leg pain mostly, at night, and nothing like this morning's pain. I don't know what this means, especially given that I had a leg brace on at the time. That brace may have actually helped with the pain in some ways. I noticed that my flex was about the same at this point as it is now, so I am less worried about that than I was. I thought that maybe I sacrificed some flexibility by leaving SLTC so soon. The bicycle wheels in particular were really helpful in stretching, improving the bend. I wish I had one of those here.

Today Maryann is picking me up to go to an apron-sewing class! It is the same teacher as we have for our regular sewing class so I know I can manage somehow. I will get up and move around and do what exercises I can during the class. No good to be freezing up. I thought it would be a good thing overall, to go to this one class, start getting a little bit social again.

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