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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting Out

All these physical therapy, occupational therapy, food service, and other activity interruptions are getting into the way of my life! Seriously, it did seem that way this morning but here's why: I got up latish because I had a stomach ache. I got dressed, finally, and got my pain killers, and got into physical therapy first thing. No time for email checks or writing here. When I was done with PT I lay down with my leg elevated, with ice on it, for fifteen minutes. When I was done with that I went out to the living area and sat on the couch to read a bit. I had very little time to read before the occupational therapist showed up. We did that but before I was even done one of the physical therapists, who was having a hellish scheduling time, asked if I would be willing to go for PT then with her and not wait for Tim later. I said I wanted a break! So I got one. The stomach pain did go away. I have no idea what it was. I just don't want it to come back. I have been lucky this time in that Ive had very little nausea or any other type of stomach pain. I am now debating the pain killer question once again: I do not know when Tim will be by for my second session of PT and I would like to be revved up for it, which is to say I want the pain killers to be working. There really is no answer for this because even Tim won't know when he will come by for me. Another interruption was the person who arranges for discharges. She said she noticed how well I am doing and thought we should talk about when I go home. We decided on this Saturday. That way I get both PT sessions Friday and can start home PT Monday, and I get to go to the wedding of a friend Sat afternoon. So you heard it here first: I am going home this Saturday.

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