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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Soon to move again

Early days mean faster improvement, I think. Today I made more strides, literally and figuratively. In the morning I walked to the entrance to the "garden walk", just so I could look out at the rain. For the most part, being in the hospital has isolated us from the weather, which is unfortunate. When I wanted to make a larger circuit the physical therapist said better not, or might not be allowed into the transitional care home. I don't think he was joking This aft the therapist - yet another one - emphasized how to walk. Heel to toe, stretching in the right places and flexing in the right places. I think one reason the therapists always emphasize walking is that this mo ement uses all of the flex and extension that I am working on. Of course, walking became more difficult while I tried to remember everything. The extension is at about ten degrees from zero and the flex is already at 95 degrees. So I am progressing at a faster pace than I did with the left leg. I just noticed that our nurses for today are named breanna and lynaia. Spelling!

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