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Friday, October 7, 2011

I know it's corporate, but...

It's almost like coming home here at SLO Transitional Care Center. There is no escaping the genuine caring, genuine smiles, genuine encouragement. I feel lifted. This morning I worked with the occupational therapist - Tracy? I forgot already! - to take a shower. We just used the standup shower in the bathroom attached to my room, so there was less complication. The wound is "sealed" so there was no need for plastic wrap. This is apparently a new thing just since I had the first op. It's rather like that spray-on bandage, in fact that may be what it is, sealing the wound, protecting it from water and other invasions. Made it so I could have a shower right away. After I rested up from the shower (!) Tim took me to the PT room, where I did a number of small things: * pressed a ball between my knees * pulled outward against a rubber band tied around my knees * Walked forward and backward with the parallel bars * stood up on my toes, then rocked by to my heels * While standing, raised my leg up, then returned to the floor (short distance) * "kicked" backward, similar to above * touched the ball of my foot to a short stool, then returned to floor * sat in chair, worked the bicycle wheels back and forth (but not all the way around) * took short walk with Tim, outside, and climbed steps up and down and more I can't remember Tim says he is really impressed by how well I am doing, that the swelling is about the only thing holding me back now. To that end, he layered my leg with ice when I got back to my room and on my bed. I have been meeting staff people I remember from before. I saw Gary in the hall today. Gary was the nurse I liked so much last time. He is now working in the office most of the time, but still has the floor one day a week, so I may see him again before I leave. I joked with Doug last night and was happy to see several of the same physical therapists. I will be working with one of the "hands-on" ones this afternoon - Laurie. She makes one work for it but she's kind and thoughtful, albeit a little of a renegade, it seems. A nice image: on a coffee table in the living room is a tray with coffee, hot water, tea bags, and several brightly-colored coffee cups. There is also a glass urn of lemon-water for the taking. As I was fixing myself some tea there, another resident (we are residents, not patients, remember) stopped by to say how beautiful it all was and how it makes such a difference (her words were better than that but I don't remember them). I had to agree. Honestly, somebody is doing something right here.

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