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Monday, April 19, 2010

pain and suffering

I'll admit it: I indulge in self-pity from time to time. Probably more than I have a right to. I certainly indulged yesterday.

I woke achey and in pain. My right hip - thigh was hurting, my left calf was feeling that weird arthritis tension and translates into discomfort when standing or walking, my left arm, upper, hurt no matter what I did. I was also not feeling terrifically energetic. I didn't feel much like doing anything.

Nevertheless, I did go do my little workout. I want to be sure this workout stays relatively small or I will start skipping it, is what I suspect. I did the same as Friday, 10 minutes at level 3 on the bike, 50# on the row, 50# on the lat pulldowns, 120# on the leg press. I think I can increase the lat pulldowns next time. Just a wee bit. I am still using my right hand to bring it down to where I can grasp it with my left without pain.

I left the gym not really any more energetic than before. I did some errands, including going to the farmers' market that takes place in the parking lot right there at the gym, and came home to vegetate. As the day wore on I got up a few times to do this or that and felt better toward the end of the day than I had at the beginning. But I felt sleepy and went to bed early. This isn't such a wonderful idea in general - I woke several times, read, went back to sleep. I am sure I got enough sleep but I think it would be better if I kept myself up longer to begin with.

Today I will be doing the aqua workout for the second time. I got myself some water shoes and sunscreen so will be better prepared. I don't feel like I have the energy for it, but I will just do it.

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Edwin said...

Sleep troubles are pretty common with arthritis - it's tough to get a solid rest with constant aches. You should try finding some decent nighttime meds - sometimes its better to be groggy from too deep a sleep than from too light.