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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

traveling back

I did go to the multigen one more time before leaving Las Vegas. It may have helped, couldn't have hurt.

The morning I left I also took two acetaminophen tablets to dull the pain during the trip. I don't know if they were responsible but I did have an easier time on the way back than I did on the way there. I didn't fear getting out of the car at rest stops quite so much. I didn't have to sit there contemplating the best way to rise to my feet. I just got up and dealt with the stiffness and discomfort because it wasn't as bad as before.

Yesterday, my off day, was also sewing day. I did not do any exercise. I felt quite tired and when I got home I was glad to lounge around and rest and read.

This morning I made it back to the gym. I didn't feel like going, which is really a first, but I was okay once I got there. Level four on the bike (although it said resistance was "eight"), ten minutes; rowing at 65 pounds, lat pulldowns - did I go up to 65 lbs? I think I stayed at 50 but I am not sure; bench press 140 pounds for the first time. The arm and calf stretches I kept at 30 seconds each. I found it easier to stretch my left arm, straight. Maybe I wasn't doing it right.

I limped in, my right hip in pain, and limped out somewhat less in pain. I took no drugs for the last two nights, and none during the day either. Slept well.

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