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Monday, April 12, 2010

Third day

Today I went to the gym for the third time, to work out. I had no trouble with the recumbent bike, probably because I pushed the seat far enough back and used the Precor instead of the Star Trac. The Star Trac wanted things from me that I could not give it, or at least could not figure out how to give it, in terms of information. The Precor just let me sit there and pedal, and eventually I figured out how to up the level to 2. Next time I'm going for level 3. Devilish!

I got there at about ten this morning. It seemed the height of the unemployed workers time! So many people on machines! It was funny to sit on the bike and look around me at so many others, on bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines, steppers, and each in her own little world, looking at the televisions or into the vast mirrors in front. All ages, all fitness conditions. When I got off the bike to get to the towel station to get stuff to wipe the bike off with I almost collided with an old man who was clearly slower than I was.

Thus it was that I had to work my way through the rest of the workout by grabbing the machine I wanted when it became available. When I got to the rowing machine I realized I could do more. I will increase the weight next time. I did better on using the lat pull-downs more evenly between my arms. I think I'm not ready to up that weight, or the leg press weight either, yet. 

The wall stretches are a bit painful on my left arm still. It will be a real turning point when this changes. I also found it a little painful to stand on my left leg while doing a calf stretch on the right. I hope this eases.

I plan to get there earlier Wednesday to see if I beat that particular crowd.

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