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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back in the Water Again

Today I made it back to an Aqua class at the gym. With the first instructor I'd had here, Mary Ann. She is very nice and careful in her instructions but the exercises she has used for that aerobic portion of the class have hurt me more than the ones Karey used. I felt I'd gotten a good workout but it wasn't necessarily as beneficial for my joints as other moves might have been. Mary Ann did emphasize that if we feel pain we should back off. I need to do that and to change one move with another at times. It will take a little practice. Overall, it's a good class and it's actually quite serious, in spite of the fun many people have in it.

I couldn't help but think about documentaries. Last week I was at a "flyball" competition with my daughter, son-in-law, and dog Bella. Flyball is a dog sport that is becoming increasingly popular and this tournament featured so many teams I could not keep track. The sport, the people who go for it, the dogs, the drama, all cry out for a documentary similar to that done about weiner dog races (Weiner Takes All, I think it's called). And today, as I looked around at my fellow elderly, shape-shifting, unglam classmates, and as I listened to the music - California Girls - I couldn't help but think what a documentary these classes could make as well.

Afterwards I did not experience that lightness and freedom from pain that I had after my second Aqua class. I was limping as ever, tired, a little discouraged, but still, still, hopeful. I think it will get easier and my body will respond more positively over time.

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