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Sunday, April 11, 2010

and the day after

At this stage of my new exercise routine I am posting in greater detail than I will later. I want to track what's happening now and compare it.

Last night I had leg cramps. First my right inner thigh, then my left foot, then my left inner thigh. Excruciating. It felt like forever before they eased and I worried that after I got settled in bed it would happen again (this has happened in the past) but it didn't.  It seems that the best I can do for such cramps is to get into a hot shower but it is too difficult even to step one foot on the floor when I am in that pain. Sometimes when it is easing off a little I can limp into the shower and take it from there.

I suspect the bike but it could have been something else that was worked yesterday, like the leg press. I expect these cramps did indeed come from my little workout, and I expect that my muscles will adjust and I won't have this kind of pain after a while.

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